Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom's Meditation Space

Mom got her meditation space finished today and we got a place of honor looking out over her altars and outdoors to the terrace.

The room is kinda like a glassed-in porch. It's sort of an inside-outside kinda place, with brick and white-painted walls, and a nice wood floor.

Mom and Dad say the space feels really great.

There are some cats that prowl on the terrace, so I'm glad we are safely inside.

Me too. I actually saw a cat catch a bird out there today and it wasn't pretty.

I averted my eyes. It was just too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Yes, we know how delicate you are, Princess.


We're considering staying out here most of the time. It is just such a special place, and we are not far from Mom and Dad at night.

Mom was SO excited a few mornings ago--she woke up early and looked out from the bed through the windows in the sunroom/meditation room to the sky above the rooftop terrace, and there was a sliver of a waning moon rising. Talk about romantic!

She even nudged Dad so he'd wake up and see. Talk about romantic!

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