Friday, February 8, 2013

We're on the BBC!

Mom has made us famous by writing an article that has been published on the BBC. You can read it here. We are SOOO happy to be in the international press. I only wish I had been wearing one of my pretty dresses instead of that denim outfit in the photo.

Now Camila, we didn't choose which photo the BBC would put up on the magazine. I rather liked having my gym shoes on.

Well, friends, I'm just SOO sad that I didn't even get mentioned. I'm always left out when it comes to the wider public. Here I sit at home waiting for you guys to show up.

And I'm sorry I forgot to mention you, Huggie, but, in truth, the story was about our history with Honey Bunny/Camila and Brown Bear/Arthur. We'll try to make up for the omission by showing your picture again in this post.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Huggie Bear

So, finally Dad agreed to introduce me to the public. I'm Huggie Bear from England, and I've been a loyal member of this family for well over a year. I'm kind of a "stay at home" guy, always ready to give a hug to anyone who needs one. That's my life purpose. Very simple!

When my gallivanting friends, Camila and Arthur, come home, I'm always here waiting to welcome them. But when Rana shows up they just up and leave me without even a goodbye. It is a blow to one's ego, but I'm used to it. When Camila and Arthur took off today, Mom gave me this book to read. I'm not a good reader, but I'll not let Mom know. Any old port in a storm is my motto and Mom did give me a hug and a pat on the back. So, here I am, left at home as usual, but waiting for my peripatetic friends to return and then I'll give them a big hug!
HB/Camila: Well, can you BELIEVE it? We've been silenced for over a year!
BB/Arthur: Dunno if that's really fair, Camila. Mom and Dad have been really really busy, traveling a lot to powerful places--Wales, Glastonbury, Malta, Cornwall, Avebury, the USofA to see family, setting up their new blog at Besides, that's old news. Let's share new news.
Well, I guess you're right. So what should we talk about? I know--our new friend Rana! And our new names!
Now you're talkin', Camila. So let's start with names.
Well, last year after our parental units returned from Malta--and you did, too!
That's right, I went to Malta with them and met the love of my life--well, other than you, of course--Auriel. I spent the week with her. She carried me everywhere in her basket and I got to see all kinds of amazing powerful places. And I spent every night with her. And... something happened... I guess I grew up.
Yeah, you came back and wanted a new name.
That's right. No longer a kid. Now I was coming of age. Or something. So what better name for a bear than Arthur? Artur, the Bear?
I didn't know that!
You didn't ask.
Oh. I thought it was something to do with King Arthur and Lancelot and Merlin--
Well, there are secrets I cannot divulge at this time. Not even to you. So now, tell our fans about YOUR name change, Camila.
Oh yes, right. Well, while YOU were playing around in Malta with Auriel, I was being treated like royalty, like the bee's knees, by our good friend Rana. She took me all around Girona and showed me the sights--unlike Mom and Dad, who always keep us hidden inside bags. Not Rana!
Gee, I wish I'd seen Girona with you!
Maybe you can ask Rana next time she takes us home? ANYWAY, so it seemed time for me to grow up too. After all, I'd spent weeks without the parental units, and I was just fine. Nothing like having a holiday on your own to show you how grown-up you are. That's what I always say.
You do?
Well, I do now. ANYWAY, so there I was, growing up--and Honey Bunny is a baby-time name, not a suitable appellation for a charming clothes-horse like me.
Clothes horse? I thought you were a bunny.
It's a manner of speaking, silly!
Oh, okay.
ANYWAY. So I looked around and thought about names, and Camila just popped up! It's such a beautiful name. So appropriate, don't you think?
Modesty always was your strong suit, Camila.
Well anyway. So that's it on names. What else should we talk about? Rana?
We could. We are reaching that age where we can leave home--and we do. We just spent a month with Rana, keeping her company.
I just LOVE Rana! Such great wardrobe!
And SUCH a sweetie! I just LOVE spending time with her. Oh--and here she is! Hi Rana, can we go home with you again?
Rana: Really? Again?
Yes please! We have SO much fun! Listening to music, staring out the window...
Rana: Well, Okay, if Elyn and Gary say so.
Humph! They are not our keepers! What, you think we are CHILDREN?
Now Camila, Rana's just being polite. Isn't she? 
Elyn: No worry--I'll go get their travel tote with bathrobes, blankets, and a change of clothes!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Llangoed Hall

You may think that we have been left at home or stuffed in a box somewhere, but it is just that Dad hasn't seen fit to write any new posts for us. Bad Dad!
Well, HB, it has been a long time, but we have had many travels to Wales and elsewhere. Here we are in Llangoed Hall, an elegant hotel near Brecon in Wales.
Yes, we have been around a lot, but we have been stuffed in small suitcases, tucked away out of sight, and generally mistreated by our parental units.
Now, HB, you know that when we travel light on low-cost (read CHEAP) airlines there isn't much room.
My point exactly. Why don't we travel first class?
I suppose you have the cash to buy the tickets?
Well, .  .  .  .
Yes, MY point exactly. We travel as well as our parental units, as you so elegantly put it.
Anyway, we really lucked into this first class hotel and Mom got us such a deal.
And the days in Bath (you need to BAAAHTH to be really posh) were memorable.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Clothes for Brown Bear

Well, its been months and months since we've had an update on our many activities. Now Dad decides to put up a new post because Brown Bear has new clothes. What about MY new clothes (not that I have any). I'm a deprived bunny.
Now HB, we both have had new clothes recently (even though it didn't make the blog), and you have had new clothes several times when I didn't get anything. Don't complain about no new clothes.
Oh, well, I guess you have a point, but, but, 
No BUTS about it, you are not deprived, and neither am I.
Well, . . .
It's a deep subject as they say (Haw, Haw) (That is a bear laugh if you didn't know.) Anyway, I really like my new basketball uniform. It is stylish and even includes shoes—a new thing for us fuzzy kids.
Well, I must admit, I am a sucker for Jocks, so I'm finding you quite attractive in your new duds.
I'm glad you approve, HB, just go easy on that attraction thing. There are species differences you know.
OK, I'll just say that you look really sharp in the new uniform. Are you planning to take up the game?
I don't know, HB, we are rather short for basketball, which is dominated by 7-footers. I'll just have to see what develops.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Do for Bridget

Hi all you lovely people out there. I have a totally new hairdo and I'm so proud. Here is a before and after shot so you can see the new me. (The before comes after the after, if you know what I mean.)
I'm jealous. What did she do to deserve new hair?
Now HB, Mom has a brand spanking new sewing machine coming and then it will be new clothes for all of us.
I can hardly wait.
And I could get into this new clothes business.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Party Time Again

Here we are with more of our friends from Cristina's house. No time for chit-chat. We're having too much fun.
You said it, kid!
I know I did. So, back to the party. (Do you see the way that cute bear is looking at me? I wonder . . .)
Cool it HB!
It's really hard to maintain spiritual detachment in this household.
Just keep breathing, Bridget. Oh, sorry, I forgot, we don't breathe do we?