Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HB/Camila: Well, can you BELIEVE it? We've been silenced for over a year!
BB/Arthur: Dunno if that's really fair, Camila. Mom and Dad have been really really busy, traveling a lot to powerful places--Wales, Glastonbury, Malta, Cornwall, Avebury, the USofA to see family, setting up their new blog at Besides, that's old news. Let's share new news.
Well, I guess you're right. So what should we talk about? I know--our new friend Rana! And our new names!
Now you're talkin', Camila. So let's start with names.
Well, last year after our parental units returned from Malta--and you did, too!
That's right, I went to Malta with them and met the love of my life--well, other than you, of course--Auriel. I spent the week with her. She carried me everywhere in her basket and I got to see all kinds of amazing powerful places. And I spent every night with her. And... something happened... I guess I grew up.
Yeah, you came back and wanted a new name.
That's right. No longer a kid. Now I was coming of age. Or something. So what better name for a bear than Arthur? Artur, the Bear?
I didn't know that!
You didn't ask.
Oh. I thought it was something to do with King Arthur and Lancelot and Merlin--
Well, there are secrets I cannot divulge at this time. Not even to you. So now, tell our fans about YOUR name change, Camila.
Oh yes, right. Well, while YOU were playing around in Malta with Auriel, I was being treated like royalty, like the bee's knees, by our good friend Rana. She took me all around Girona and showed me the sights--unlike Mom and Dad, who always keep us hidden inside bags. Not Rana!
Gee, I wish I'd seen Girona with you!
Maybe you can ask Rana next time she takes us home? ANYWAY, so it seemed time for me to grow up too. After all, I'd spent weeks without the parental units, and I was just fine. Nothing like having a holiday on your own to show you how grown-up you are. That's what I always say.
You do?
Well, I do now. ANYWAY, so there I was, growing up--and Honey Bunny is a baby-time name, not a suitable appellation for a charming clothes-horse like me.
Clothes horse? I thought you were a bunny.
It's a manner of speaking, silly!
Oh, okay.
ANYWAY. So I looked around and thought about names, and Camila just popped up! It's such a beautiful name. So appropriate, don't you think?
Modesty always was your strong suit, Camila.
Well anyway. So that's it on names. What else should we talk about? Rana?
We could. We are reaching that age where we can leave home--and we do. We just spent a month with Rana, keeping her company.
I just LOVE Rana! Such great wardrobe!
And SUCH a sweetie! I just LOVE spending time with her. Oh--and here she is! Hi Rana, can we go home with you again?
Rana: Really? Again?
Yes please! We have SO much fun! Listening to music, staring out the window...
Rana: Well, Okay, if Elyn and Gary say so.
Humph! They are not our keepers! What, you think we are CHILDREN?
Now Camila, Rana's just being polite. Isn't she? 
Elyn: No worry--I'll go get their travel tote with bathrobes, blankets, and a change of clothes!

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