Sunday, November 13, 2011

Llangoed Hall

You may think that we have been left at home or stuffed in a box somewhere, but it is just that Dad hasn't seen fit to write any new posts for us. Bad Dad!
Well, HB, it has been a long time, but we have had many travels to Wales and elsewhere. Here we are in Llangoed Hall, an elegant hotel near Brecon in Wales.
Yes, we have been around a lot, but we have been stuffed in small suitcases, tucked away out of sight, and generally mistreated by our parental units.
Now, HB, you know that when we travel light on low-cost (read CHEAP) airlines there isn't much room.
My point exactly. Why don't we travel first class?
I suppose you have the cash to buy the tickets?
Well, .  .  .  .
Yes, MY point exactly. We travel as well as our parental units, as you so elegantly put it.
Anyway, we really lucked into this first class hotel and Mom got us such a deal.
And the days in Bath (you need to BAAAHTH to be really posh) were memorable.

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