Friday, February 8, 2013

We're on the BBC!

Mom has made us famous by writing an article that has been published on the BBC. You can read it here. We are SOOO happy to be in the international press. I only wish I had been wearing one of my pretty dresses instead of that denim outfit in the photo.

Now Camila, we didn't choose which photo the BBC would put up on the magazine. I rather liked having my gym shoes on.

Well, friends, I'm just SOO sad that I didn't even get mentioned. I'm always left out when it comes to the wider public. Here I sit at home waiting for you guys to show up.

And I'm sorry I forgot to mention you, Huggie, but, in truth, the story was about our history with Honey Bunny/Camila and Brown Bear/Arthur. We'll try to make up for the omission by showing your picture again in this post.

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