Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Huggie Bear

So, finally Dad agreed to introduce me to the public. I'm Huggie Bear from England, and I've been a loyal member of this family for well over a year. I'm kind of a "stay at home" guy, always ready to give a hug to anyone who needs one. That's my life purpose. Very simple!

When my gallivanting friends, Camila and Arthur, come home, I'm always here waiting to welcome them. But when Rana shows up they just up and leave me without even a goodbye. It is a blow to one's ego, but I'm used to it. When Camila and Arthur took off today, Mom gave me this book to read. I'm not a good reader, but I'll not let Mom know. Any old port in a storm is my motto and Mom did give me a hug and a pat on the back. So, here I am, left at home as usual, but waiting for my peripatetic friends to return and then I'll give them a big hug!

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