Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back for a Breather

Well,, it is about time! Our loyal fans have been waiting too long!
Now, Honey Bunny--you know how busy Mom and Dad have been. First Scotland. Then Catalunya.
Isn't that spelled Catalonia?
Depends on if you're Catalan or English...
As I was saying--Catalunya—
But you're not Catalan. That's pretentious!
No it isn't. I'm trying to honor the Catalans. PULEESE let me continue.
Catalunya, and then Galicia, and then Barcelona for a weekend Chi Gong intensive with Ferran, and now they're home, recuperating.
Yeah, Dad says that they forget they're just old fogies with young minds.
Which really burns Mom up! SHE says that you're as young as you feel--well, up to a point....
So back to us, Brown Bear. And the photos.
Right. The photos are us having a picnic of salmon cream cheese and an empanada near the holy well at San Andrés de Teixido in Galicia.
"Where if you don't go while you're alive, your soul will have to make the journey when you're dead!"
Yeah--as a bug or something. So nobody squashes bugs en route to San Andrés.
Humans sure do have weird beliefs, don't they, Brown Bear?
You said it, Honey Bunny.
Well, it was nice to get out and see the sights at San Andrés. We usually get stuck in the hotel room.
They let us out of the bag in the train, don't forget.
But what a train ride! It about did Mom in, taking the night train twice. Smells, noise, lots of movement--she was exhausted. Even though they had a private first-class compartment.
I heard her tell Dad, "Never again. Nunca jamás."
You said it.
No, she said it.
Well, all I can say is I'm glad we're getting a chance to catch up and rest for awhile. But not for long--Thursday they take off for Barcelona and then back on the Camino on a special esoteric study trip.
No, Silly. With their friend Ferran and 3 other people, in a minivan.
Great! We'll get lots of attention, don't you think?
I think so. Dibs on riding in front!
Brown Bear!


  1. It's fans like you that make our blog worthwhile. Thanks bunches.