Saturday, February 6, 2010


We're here! We're here! And we love it, almost as much as Mom and Dad do.
We get to stare out the window every day--and I think the tour groups down below on Calle de la For├ža see us. It's very exciting.
Mom and Dad are having a lot of fun.
TOO much.
Now Honey Bunny, that's not fair. They deserve it.
I guess you're right. Write. Get it?
Hurrumph. Anyway, it's a great life.
Did you know, Lance Armstrong lived in the apartment right across the street? I mean, that means we're almost famous. Or almost next to someone who's famous. Or almost next to someone who used to be here was is famous. Or...
HB, enough. I think you're a little wound up.
Well, anyway. It's a great life. I like the pix of the Eiffel Bridge, and us in the hotel room the first night--that's not the apartment, you know. And the cathedral. And the streets...
Yeah, it's the first time we've gotten to see most of this, you know. Staring out the window's okay, but I'm eager to go for a walk.
Maybe tomorrow?

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