Sunday, March 15, 2009

My New Bag

I’ve got the best mom in the world! She found this wonderful leather bag to put my new knife in. Now I can reach it whenever I need to cut up a salmon or dig into a bee’s nest! I’m so happy I could dance for joy (with a little help, of course).

Brown Bear, I’m so jealous of your new treasure. When has mom done ANYTHING for me, that’s what I’m asking!

Now Honey Bunny, mom launched her new book at the pilgrims gathering in Albuquerque this weekend and you know all too well that you are a featured player throughout the book. I only come in at the end as kind of an afterthought.

Well, that’s true, but did mom let us out to be the star of the show?? Did she? Did she?

People will need to read the book, then they will be lining up to meet you and get your autograph, just like a rock star. You wait.

Waiting is not a part of my agenda. I want it ALL NOW!

Patience, Princess. Don’t get your ears in a tangle over this. You’ll be as famous as you want to be before you know it. And besides, fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why, a relative of mine became quite famous, and now he is featured in all sorts of cheap and cheesy toys, and they even have made movies of him that don’t do him justice.

Oh Pooh!

That’s his name all right! You wouldn’t believe what Walt Disney studios did with him. The last I heard, he was hiding out somewhere in the north woods, ashamed to show his face in public.

You’re just trying to change the subject. I still want fame right now. I don’t care if it comes at any price.

Now, Princess, you are famous with me. Isn’t that good enough.

Oh, Brown Bear, you say the sweetest things.

It’s all that honey that I eat, Princess, and you know that your name is honey on my lips.

Oh, Brown Bear! You are the loveliest bear. How about a little kiss??

Don’t get any ideas. 

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