Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, it's about time!
I'd say! Almost 2 months since Mom or Dad took the time from their oh-so-busy schedule to write our blog! I guess we're just not important enough....
If you'd look at Dad's blog, you'd see how busy they've been.
Yeah, but what are their priorities I ask you? Having fun or family relationships?!
I think we've complained enough.
No, Brown Bear. You don't get it. You can never be too rich, too thin, or complain too much!
Really? Says who?
I dunno.... Madonna? Paris Hilton?
Anyway, now we're getting ready to go to Scotland.
I want a cashmere sweater--
I'm hoping for a kilt. Dad says I have to leave my new knife behind so they don't confiscate it at security.
I'm sorry, Brown Bear.
Me too. I'll feel--well, I feel emasculated without my knife.
Gee, that's a big word. Is it the right one?
Not sure.
Change of topic, kids. Do you know you have a personal invitation from David and Mara to come on this trip?
That's so exciting!
In fact, David said they have someone they want you to meet.
Oh now I am really soooo excited! I can hardly wait!
Who could it be?
Don't know... But we'll let all of your avid readers know as soon as we do. If we can find wifi in the Highlands and islands.
What kind of a trip IS this? Into the hinterlands? The Dark Continent?
Hardly. We're going on a sacred-sites journey with Celtic Spirit Journeys. There will be 12 of us, plus David and Mara. We went with them to Ireland almost two years ago and it was fantastic. So this time, Scotland! And next year, Wales!
I remember them! We had so much fun.
We sure did. And I remember some of the other folks bought lambkins and other fuzzy kids en route.
That's right. They followed our example.
Well I just can't wait! I don't think I'll be able to sleep a wink until we get there.

Me either!

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