Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here We Go!

We're all ready to take off to Scotland just as soon as our parental units can get their acts together.

Now Honey Bunny, you know that it takes a lot of planning to go on a trip that will last for over two weeks.

Not for me! I just ask Mom to pack all my stuff and I'm ready to go.

We do have a pretty easy life, don't we?

No! It's very hard not being admired all the time. I just long for admiration.

You just never get enough do you, HB? Isn't it enough that we have been issued a special invitation by David and Mara to join the Scotland tour? And isn't it enough that they have promised someone special for us to meet? And isn't it enough that all those new people will meet us and want to spend time with us?

That sounds good, but where is the admiration that I want today?

You'll just have to make do with my admiration for now.

Oh Brown Bear, do you really, really admire me?

Of course HB. You are my very best friend and constant companion.

And you are mine BB. We will soon be crammed together in Dad's backpack so close companionship it is. Take a good deep breath before he closes us in.

We don't breathe, HB.

Oh, I forgot for the moment. Well, gird your loins, as they say.

They do?

Well, somebody must. Off to Scotland and new clothes!