Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're on the Road Again

Here we are in beautiful Scotland. Well, at any rate, our parental units assure us it is beautiful. So far, we've been kept locked up in the hotel room. HELP!!!

Now Honey Bunny, you know you are always over-dramatic. We have been mostly in the room, but you remember that the maid played with us and we got out in the train station and on the airplane. And how about that beautiful picture Dad just took of us in the garden behind our hotel?

Well, maybe it isn't quite as bad as I said, but I want to meet everyone and be admired.

That will happen soon enough. We join our tour in a few days and then we'll be front and center. You will be universally admired and we'll have all the company we want--including a new "mystery" friend!

OK, but it better be soon or I'll pout.

You'll pout anyway, HB. I know you too well.

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