Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feline McLouie

Hey Bud, how about a little nip of the single malt whiskey? It's on me!

Oh, you boys! Can't you find any better way to do male bonding than by drinking?

Well, we have to loosen Louie up a little bit and get him talking. You know how liquor loosens the tongue.

I'll bet I can get him to talk. Hey there, big boy, what'cha doing for the rest of the day? We have a neat pad here on Iona, and the parental units will be away all day. What do you say to that?


Well, that's a start. Just get permission to visit us and we'll teach you a thing or two. By the way, your new kilt is smashing and sure beats that green sweater you've been wearing.


OK, the sweater isn't that bad. And it is sure revealing, what with nothing on the lower quarters. Anyway, let's go to our room and get to know each other better.

Honey Bunny, you are shameless! I'm going to have to come along and chaperone or you guys will get in serious trouble. Oh, and by the way Louie, your new kilt that Mom made for you IS the cat's meow! (Cat's meow, get it??)


That's better. Lets have another drink and split this joint. There is much to discuss once the parents leave.

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