Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yikes! We're surrounded by all these wild animals. Some are just heads on the wall and some are in glass cases. Pretty scary!

It's OK, HB. They aren't alive (or even enlivened, like us). They are just the whims of some person who liked to have them around. I actually sort of like this guy behind us who looks like he just caught a fish. I can relate to that.

Well, I can't! I think they are creepy.

Well, as for me, I'd have to say that things have just gotten stranger and stranger since I hooked up with you guys. What do you think, Puffy?

I'm speechless. (And I hope that guy doesn't take a liking to me and put me in one of his glass houses.)

We will all have to stick together and protect each other. We'll make it through this scary place, you'll see. (I wish I had my trusty knife with me on this trip. Looks like it might have come in handy here.)

Oh, Brown Bear, you are my hero as always! (I think Feelie is pretty sexy, but there is nothing like the presence of a true friend in times like this.)

OK Fuzzy Clan, let's all pull together and watch each other's backs! We'll make it through this jungle. (What is that Bengal Tiger head doing up on the wall? Brrrr. Pretty creepy.) Maybe if I play a piping tune on my new bag pipes we can make it through this.

OK troops, Clan McFuzzy goes into battle led by Brown McBear screeing a tune on his pipes.

(Thanks, Feelie, for the great gift. You and your friend Mara are the greatest!)

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