Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leaving New Friends Behind

Here is our final posting from the tour of sacred sites in Scotland. We have found many new friends, including Feelie, and Hannah, who is holding us in this photo. We are sad to be leaving all these wonderful companions behind. It seems we have just gotten to know all of them and we have to say goodbye.

Yes, HB, I feel I have a new buddy in Feelie McCool. We had many great conversations in bars all across Scotland, not to mention nights in our hotel rooms.

And all the beautiful new clothes. Especially the new stole Hannah knitted for me.

And my new bagpipe, which Feelie and Mara gave me. It came in handy holding off wild animals in one of the hotels.

I'm just so, so sad. Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Don't be over dramatic, HB.

I'm not being over dramatic, I'm being literary.

Well, I wouldn't know about such things. We bears don't go in for literature, except for stories about our cousin Pooh.

We bunnies read a higher class of literature.

Whatever you say, HB.


  1. You bunnies had Beatrix Potter on your side!

  2. Yes, we bunnies are well represented in the best literature. Famous writers like our friend, Beatrix, all knew about us.