Sunday, December 6, 2009

All aboard the Transcantábrico!

Mom says we should just go to bed, now that we're back from our luxurious Transcantábrico train ride along northern Spain, but I just can't go to sleep without sharing our adventures with our adoring public!
Honey Bunny, I think Mom's right.
Who's side are you on? After all, we had such a good time, so much to tell people--
Okay, okay, just get on with it.
Well, in fact, much of it was kinda boring. Mom wouldn't let us out to meet anyone except the wait-staff until the very last day--she said she didn't think the Spaniards on the trip would understand about us.
Boy was she wrong!
I know--we had a rave reception when we were let out of the bag!
But we had a great time anyway, didn't we?
I mean--that luxe bedroom at the 5-star Parador of Los Reyes Católicos in Santiago de Compostela.... with a canopy on the bed.
It was a 500-year-old pilgrims' hospital. Really posh.
I do like posh. And then we had our own private compartment on the train. They called it a sweet. And it was!
You mean a suite. Actually, it was Mom and Dad's. But they share it with us. And it wasn't a suite. It was a cabin with a bathroom.
The website called it a suite.
It sounded better that way. But it was very nice. And the bathroom shower was also a steam shower and a massage shower!
We got to watch some gorgeous countryside roll by. Mom put us next to the big window at the foot of the bed.
But we didn't get to sleep in bed with them.
There wasn't room. In fact, Dad couldn't quite stretch out all the way.... The train is a narrow-gauge train, and they could only make the cabin just so big and still have room for people to walk down the corridor. They did the best they could.
Good thing most Spaniards are shorter!
And the food was good.
How do you know?
I heard Mom and Dad moan and groan about how they ate so much they were gaining weight.
Yeah, they had a lot of fun. And Ana, the tour guide, was wonderful! That's her in the dark blue outfit, with dark hair and a big smile, holding us in the Hotel Londres in San Sebastián. 2nd photo from the top. Not only is she cute, but she speaks four languages: Spanish, English, French, and German.
Whatever. Maybe it is time to go to bed....


  1. You guys go on such fun trips! I hope you took good care of Mom & Dad!

  2. We do we do! Even though sometimes they don't let us sleep with them--they CLAIM there's not enough room, but we don't believe them. Actually you can see the photos of the trip on Dad's facebook. See you for Holy Week, Jesse!