Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mineral Baths, Reincarnation, etc.

Well, Mom and Dad have been SO remiss!
You betcha!
I mean, eight days on the road--trains and cars and--
A great trip to Catalonia. But no update on our blog!
And now they're getting ready to go somewhere else again. Don't they ever stop?
Looks like not. Mom saw this great deal on El Transcant√°brico luxury train cruise along the coast of northern Spain--and Dad has always wanted to go....
So there they go. Off again. And what about US?
Well, indeed.
I mean, do we get new travel clothes, I ask you? No!
But we will have a private compartment with a big window, so we can watch the scenery pass by.
Hummph. I want new clothes. And admiration. And you heard them say they might not let us meet the other passengers. Really. I mean, what are we? Pariahs?
Well, you know, sometimes they walk a tightrope. They know that a lot of people don't quite understand about us.
What's not to understand?
Talking fuzzy kids? Time for a reality check, Honey Bunny.
I suppose you're right. It's just not that much fun for us, sometimes. Hidden away in a shopping bag or a backpack... Left in hotel rooms. When they spent a night at Caldes de Malavella VIchy Catalan Hotel Balneario, they didn't even bring our swimsuits!
They weren't planning to go to the hotsprings, Honey Bunny. Cut them some slack.
Only if they buy me new clothes!
They had a great time at the hotel--a fantastic dinner, bubbling mineral baths.... Mom says she wants to go back.
Mom always wants to go back to Catalonia. I wonder whether she lived there in a previous life....
What on earth are you talking about?
Transmigration of souls, silly.
Say what?
You know, the idea that souls lived before and then came back to this planet in another body.
You know, I think you're onto something. That explains a lot. Obviously, you were a clothes horse!

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