Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ho Ho Ho!
No, that's the wrong holiday, Silly! This is Halloween.
Oh. You're right. BOOOO!
Not that we look scary. Mom and Dad couldn't find any Halloween outfits for us in Sahagún.
Guess they don't celebrate 'Trick or Treat" here.
Guess not. It's more of a religious thing here. Tomorrow is Nov. 1 and that's a big day--All Saints' Day--and people go to the graveyard and decorate the tombs with flowers. Even though you'd think they'd do that on All Souls' Day, which is Nov. 2. It gets confusing. But then, I'm not Catholic.
One of Mom's Spanish friends said her mother-in-law had been visiting her father's grave for weeks.
Gee, what on earth did she do?
She washed and scrubbed it, that's what.
Oh. That's nice, I guess.... Humans are kinda weird.
You said it, Princess.
And they even eat "bones of the saints"--I guess they're like marzapan--
There's no accounting for taste.
I guess not.
You know, humans just have a weird relationship with death.
Not like us! We're not afraid! But then of course, we can't die....
Let's change the subject. Today in Sahagún is the Fería de San Simón. It's kinda an agricultural fair, with tractors and food tastings. Used to sell turkeys on the street, but the EU did away with that. Something about health regulations.

I tell you, it gets really weird around here sometimes.
Better to be fuzzy kids, don't you think?
I think! I tell you what, Brown Bear. I really like it when you play the bagpipes! So please, 'play it again, Sam'...
I'm not Sam.
I know. It's just an expression.
Okay. Here goes....

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