Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back from the Camino

Hi, our patient and adoring public! We've just returned from an amazing journey with Ferran on the Camino de Santiago. We got lots of attention, and there were lots Chi Gong and 'natural geometry' drawing and meditation practices....
I can see it hasn't affected you too much, though, Honey Bunny. You're still the same old Honey Bunny.
Effusive, you mean?
Hmmmm. Since I've been learning about formlessness and original mind, and space, clarity, and well-being, I think it best not to reply.
Oh. You know, I was puzzled by the 8 Treasures practices. I kept looking for treasure but couldn't find any! Anyway, even so it was great.
It was. Walking in the Pyrenees on an old Roman Road that was the original Camino de Santiago over the mountains--not us, but Mom and Dad. We couldn't have made it. Our legs are too short.
And up into the mountains to Aguas Tuertas--oh my oh my! Mom showed us the photos.
And up steep hills to hermits' caves.... and stargazing and meditation and energy exercises. And purification practices. And visiting old churches along the way and learning the Inner Teachings. Or at least trying to. I've got a long way to go, being a bear and all....
Best of all, we got to ride in front ALL the time, on our "throne"--Ferran's backpack. When we weren't there right away, people even missed us and asked for us. I DO like to be adored!
It was a good trip. Reminded me of the Camino journey with Ferran and Mom last year--and with Lynn. Just want to say Hi, Lynn. I missed you! Hope you'll come next year with your fuzzy kid....
A new friend? What fun! I can hardly wait!
Dad's busy doing a DVD of the journey so they can share it with others. Gotta go now. Besides, I want to go meditate for a while. Feels good, you know, to smile down into the earth....
And Ferran taught us a practice that he says is like a mini facelift. That's MY kind of practice! Oh--Dad's going to post some of Mom's photos (she's getting really good!) of us. You see us sitting on the window ledge at the casa rural in Barbadelo, staring out the window, longing to go for a walk....
You are SO dramatic, Honey Bunny. And there are two photos of us with Dad and the group at the Playa del Rostro, where we looked formlessness in the face! (That's kind of an inside joke...Rostro is 'face' in Spanish....)
You are SO intelligent, Brown Bear. You stun me sometimes....
Thanks,I think. And guess what--they're going to go again next year with Ferran. I think in late May early June. If enough other people sign up.
Boy, they never stop, do they? Glad we get to go with them. They sure have an adventurous time! Bye for now----


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. It would be fun to see the DVD. Maybe you will share more as you digest the experience in the coming days.

    Nice to read your blog again!

    Happy birthday week to you Elyn.


  2. Send Elyn your snailmail address and we'll send you one!

  3. Honney Bonnie and Brown Bear rock! They were the life of the Russian Canguro´s party.

    Iga Viva.

  4. Hi Honey Bunny and Brown Bear. I so enjoyed your company along the "camino" and it's funny reading your blog - you talk like real down-to-earth ordinary people, not like us stargazing, meditating, church visiting, chi gong freaks - but, still, it was sooooo nice being a stargazing, meditating, church-visiting, chi gong freak - I think I've become an addict. Am looking forward to my next "fix" and hope you'll be along to share it. Until then, Hugs,

  5. Hi Sandra! Just got to read your comments and we sure plan to be there with you for the next "fix" next spring! You're our kind of folk! HB and BB