Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brrr....It's fall!

Fall has come to SahagĂșn, all of a sudden!
Yes, just a few days ago I was still wearing my bathing suit--but now I'm dressed for cold.
It's all relative, of course. 'Cold' is 40° in the early morning, warming up to 60°.
Well, it feels cold. And the poor trees!
This year we've seen the entire cycle of what happens to the plane trees. Starting in spring, the trees branch out and spread to shade the plaza. Sometimes they even connect from one tree to another.
It's amazing how many big green leaves there are!
And then, when autumn comes, the workmen come along and cut them back, all at once.
They told Mom and Dad that this saves them from having to sweep up leaves. And it keeps the trees from blocking the view. But it seems pretty cruel to us. Poor trees.
But maybe they don't mind.
Really, Brown Bear! If you were a tree, wouldn't you mind being amputated every year for someone else's convenience?
Guess you're right, HB. Didn't realize you could be so empathetic.
I can be. Especially since our pilgrimage into the heart with Ferran. I've learned a lot about gratitude and appreciation of others.
Thanks, Ferran!


  1. I thought I noticed in a recent photo that there were no leaves on the trees and I decided it was a shot from last winter. I have never heard of cutting off the entire branch in order to avoid the leaves falling! The trees obviously survive it, but it seems "wrong" to take away part of the natural cycle of the tree. Is this practice unique to those particular trees and only in Sahagun, or do they do it other places in Spain?

  2. We see it all over Spain and maybe France as well. Cruel, indeed, but the trees keep coming back every year.