Thursday, October 21, 2010

The New Website

Dad has been hunched over the computer every day working on graphics for our new website
I hope he managed to work us into some of the pictures. How about it Dad?
Well, I'm afraid that just isn't the place for fuzzy kids.
Oh, you big spoil sport! We would have fit right in. After all I'm pretty powerful.
Well, now that I'm done with the website I'll do something very special for you kids.
Oh boy, like NEW CLOTHES?
You know that Dad doesn't sew. That's Mom's department.
Well, she is busy having fun with her new machine . . . wait a minute, I'll bet she could whip up some new frock for me on her new machine. How about it Mom? Mom?
I don't think you can get her attention HB.
What does it take to get anyone's attention around here? I'll just go off in a corner and pout.
Well, you could talk with Bridget. Maybe she can communicate with Mom and tell her what you need.
Is it a philosophical issue that you need resolved?
Yes, that's it. The philosophy of getting Mom's attention.
I'm afraid that isn't in my power. I could deal with the philosophy of needing less, or the philosophy of being thankful for what you have, or . . .
Well, stuff that!
I'll overlook that last remark.
Like I said, you'll get used to that around here.

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