Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Big Party With Friends

Here we are back home and introducing Briget (Bride, Bridgit, St. Bride?) to our friends here in Girona.
Well, if you are going to talk about me all the time you might as well know how to spell my name. That is Bridget, if you don't mind.
Well, at last, we have thought you could speak all the time, but had begun to wonder.
Of course I can speak. But only of important things.
Like clothes?
Honey Bunny, every girl doesn't have your priorities.
Important philosophical concepts are my specialty.
We need to have a serious talk, but not when we are having a party. Actually, I like all your friends, particularly the guy with the Indiana Jones hat.
He's a distant relative of mine. I like him too.
Hats remind me of what I don't have for winter--a new hat.
Oh, HB, you have a one-track mind.
Well, it is a dual track mind, but we won't go into that. (Hey there good lookin', What's you got cookin', How about . . . .)
We'll overlook that last remark.
You will get used to overlooking a lot around here. Anyway, here's our friends from Cristina's house. We have such a good time talking with them.
I'm sure I'll find a kindred spirit here. I'm feeling more at home already.

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