Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La Gripe

Here we are, ready to defend ourselves against the dreaded gripe.
I never gripe, so what is all the fuss about?

Well, I won’t comment on that, but it is not the gripe as in “to complain,“ it’s la gripe, the Spanish word for flu. Dad’s been down with it and Mom is taking protective measures, so I thought it would be best to be prepared with a box of Sudafed, just in case.
So, what’s the flu? I don’t know about such things.

Well, another of the many advantages of being fuzzy kids is that we seem to be protected from many difficulties that humans face. I guess the flu must be one of those difficulties. At least Dad has been complaining a lot (hmm, I wonder if that is what the gripe is all about?) for the past day.
Well, Mom is complaining too. Something about her work I think--she's editing her manuscript on the French Chemin. Does that mean she is getting the dreaded gripe?
Let’s all hope not. We need someone around here who is able to do things like cook and shop. If they both got sick we’d have to take over and that would not be easy. Take your vitamins, Mom and hang in there. We are depending on you.
Yeah. Yesterday Mom went out in the morning and the whole world was frosty! Dad says it’s called “hoarfrost.”

Watch your language!
What did I say?

You know very well.
Hey kids—it’s spelled differently than you
I never was much good at spelling.
And although we didn’t get to go with them, Dad’s photo-shopped us into the scene so you can imagine us there.
Thanks Dad, but I’d really rather have been there.

You would have frozen your tusch sitting on that park bench, Brown Bear.
What's a tusch?
The part you sit on. I think it's time to sign out and take care of Mom's gripe and my gripe....


  1. Nice photo of the village and the snow...hope you two are feeling better.

    Procrastinating in Santa Fe

  2. hiya, guyz.

    it's meeee, the most famous flying flop eared yiddish woofhound in the u n i v e r s e. maybe the only.

    ok, hb, i have taken your advice. i have taken a stand. i left notes around the house suggesting body coverings due to the winter freeze outside of my pillowed, window position. i heard murmurings of understanding. i started imagining clothing. i saw the picture of you with the i love hugs sweater and wondered if it came in my size. it would be soooo perfect for me. (wouldcha give me a hug, woodcha, woodcha) i wondered what style i would have. classy? that's perfect for me. i am such a classy fuzzy. but my "person" is more a hippy dippy type. style isn't not her thing. not a complaint or judgement , mind you, just a fact. but i really will not be picky, any item of clothing would be new to me and at 30, not much is new. so i am soo excited to see what i get. friday is supposed to be the coldest day ever in the whole of my life here in philadelphia. i will meditate (comes from living with my "person" for so long) and see if that helps. if you can, please send clothing energy my way. (my person often asks for and sends healing energy, so why not clothing energy...i think it should work...healing energy seems to work fine, i say) thanx.

    will keep you posted. until then, i send you
    giant hugs, juicy kisses, tons of love
    and dreams of what to wear,


  3. Dad has recovered from the dreaded gripe and Mom didn't take it. We didn't either, so everything is hunky dory at our house.

    A big plus was a visit from our new friends Rebekah and Paddy yesterday. Rebekah gave us a lot of attention and we had a great time.

    The folks say they will be going over to visit R. and P. very soon and we hope we will be able to go along. We hear that they have cats and dogs, so we will have to be careful. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to that visit.

  4. Dearest woodcha--wardrobe isn't all it's cracked up to be... It requires upkeep. Money. Space. You might want to rethink whether you want to be burdened with such material possessions. Just a thought....
    Elyn, a caretaker of HB and BB

  5. hmmmm, elyn, from what i have heard, you are one wise woman. so i will take your words into consideration. but, drum roll please. i have received a blanket. it just appeared one day. it is blue and green and purple, my colors, and homemade. it is warm, and cozy, and almost fuzzy like me.

    i am feeling heard and undertsood. now i know what the word appreciation means. so enlightening. tho i have not yet traveled,(hold on to hope, i say), this is the best gift and i have hb and bb to thank for this turn in my life. isnt it amazing how life can be so enhanced by one little act? i am so excited, can'tcha tell?

    i think the meditation helped. and, of course, my great "person".

    this may be the coldest day in philadelphia in 30 years, but i am warm and toasty. whatta life!

    hb and bb, let me know when i can do anything for you.

    xxxooo woodcha