Tuesday, January 6, 2009

“What a party we had last night!”
“You said it, Honey Bunny.”
“We didn’t get to go to the Cabalgata, but Rebekah and Paddy came over and ate great Spanish cheeses—“
“So they said. After all, we don’t eat cheese. The fragrance was quite, uh, impressive.”

“Yeah, Cabrales blue cheese wrapped in grape leaves and a Manchego sheep cheese rubbed with lard and brandy and a couple of goat cheeses—“

“And organic chorizo sausage with no preservatives! Not that we ate that either.”

“And the piece de resistance—the roscón de Reyes—a big donut-shaped sweet roll filled with cream and whipped cream—“

“’Mom’ couldn’t decide which she wanted, so Amparo suggested half and half.”

“And covered with sugar and candied fruit. And best of all, inside, a present!”

“’Dad’ got it—a little ceramic figure of one of the Three Kings.”
“And there were more things hidden inside, but nobody got them.”

“Maybe Paddy and Rebekah will later, since they took the rest of it home.”

“And then there was the Cabalgata tractor and float procession of the Three Kings and their attendants, which we didn’t see, but we looked at pictures afterwards.”
“'Mom' remembers seeing the cabalgata 26 years ago—the Three Kings came riding on horseback out of the fog!”

“Way cool!”

“’Mom’ was so happy watching the Three Kings get off the train and then go to their thrones in the floats pulled by four big farm tractors.”

“And Piedad and Angel’s younger son, Marcos, was one of the centurions, walking at the front of the procession carrying a blazing torch. He's on the left, toward the back, in the photo.”
“The folks on the floats threw candies to everyone and the kids—“
“And their parents—“

“Don’t interrupt, Princess. The kids and their parents scrambled to pick up caramelos from the street.”
“Then they went to the Plaza Mayor where the Three Kings gave presents to the kids.”
“But ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ and Rebekah and Paddy came home instead. It was kinda cold. Way cold.”
“And then they talked and talked, and we got to see the roscón,
and I got to wear the crown!”
"This is 'Mom' talking. I'm posting this blog in La Codorníz this morning, and suddenly the Three Kings and their entourage walked in and gave us candies! I asked if they'd been up all night, and they said of course--they were giving out gifts!"

"Whata life. Boy are we having fun!"

"And don't forget to check out Rebekah's blog, http://moratinoslife.blogspot.com -- she's got great photos and more info about the cabalgata. Felíz Año Nuevo!"

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