Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now We Are Royalty!

Aren't our crowns beautiful? We got them at the Three Kings' celebration.

Well, they are wonderful, but I don't know why you deserve one. I'm the princess in this family.

Well, HB, Brown Bear got a crown for being a prince of a bear. He is thoughtful, tolerant, brave, clean, and reverant.

Well, Dad, but I'm true royalty. It is an inherited position—nothing required from me.

And that is just what you provide—nothing but inflated ego.

Well, Brown Bear, that was not a very thoughtful comment do you think?

Oh, sorry about that HB. Just a momentary lapse on my part.

Lapse, Papse. You aren't as special as you think.

Now kids, let's have some peace in our family. You could both do a little better in the thoughtful department.

Well, I want to wish ALL our adoring fans a Happy New Year.

I second that!

And so do your parents. Happy New Year everyone!

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