Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from Asturias

“We’re just back from a MAAAAVALUS trip!!”
“It was wonderful, wasn’t it, Honey Bunny? The snow-covered mountains, the emerald green valleys of Asturias in northern Spain—“
“That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the new t-shirt Renate gave me and all the attention I got!”
“That’s all you think about, isn’t it, Princess.”
“Absolutely! My t-shirt says, “I’m fed up with being so good and sleeping alone!”
“Of course, that’s blatantly false. You’re not so good, and you don’t sleep alone. We sleep together.”
“Well, you know what I mean.”
“I thought you learned something from the nights we spent on the stepstool. First, you were on my shoulders all night long.”
“And I was light as a feather, wasn’t I!”
“Not. And then I was on your shoulders all night long. I thought you learned what it felt like to have to carry such a burden.”
“Well, you’re right. I guess I forgot already. Who wants to dwell on pain and difficulties? Besides, I bet you were more of a burden on my shoulders than I was on yours. I’m light as a feather!”
“Not. We had a great time, even if the weather alternated between snow and rain—and sometimes did both at the same time. Dad talks about what we did in his blog at http://havingfununtilidie.blogspot.com. Renate and Jim were such good company. I noticed that Renate favored you and Jim liked talking with me. We shared some important insights on ciudadenía—the responsibilities and obligations of citizenship in Spain.”
“Well, Renate and I shared some important insights too—about the importance of ‘fuzzy kids’ when you’re little and when you grow up. And how the lively interactions we have with humans are mutually beneficial. I think that’s what she said. Lots of big words to remember. Something about psychodrama….”
“I liked how she put plastic over us so we could see out of Dad’s daypack without getting wet.”
“She was SOOO thoughtful! We should do something special for her!”
“And for Jim. You know, I got a gift too—a beautiful miniature folding knife, just the right size for cutting up salmon and digging into bee hives.”
“Hmmm. I wonder what we should give them. Maybe Renate would like a trinket? I should have given her one of my necklaces!”
“Wow. That’s really generous, Honey Bunny. Maybe you learned something after all.”
“I know you think I’m a flighty bunny-brain, but appearances are deceiving, Mr. Know It All.”
“Now kids, no name calling allowed!”
“Oops. Sorry. But it’s true! Just cause I like being a material girl doesn’t mean I don’t have depth.”
“I apologize, Honey Bunny. And just cause I look like a stolid strong bear doesn’t mean I like carrying you on my shoulders!”
“Gee, I can hardly wait until Renate and Jim come to visit us in Sahagún! We’ll show them a really great time.”
“YUP. We’ll go for long walks on the Camino de Santiago. And eat leeks stuffed with seafood at Restaurant Luis. And—“ 
“And spend time with Paca and Piedad and Maria’s new baby!”
“Sounds like a plan.”

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