Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back in Santa Fe

We got back to Santa Fe on Monday, but Mom and Dad were very busy finishing Mom's book, so they didn't have time to help us put up a post for our adoring fans.

We were, of course, very tired too, and spent a lot of time sleeping (hibernating).

We were so happy to see some of our friends that had been waiting in the Santa Fe house for us. First, we spent time with the beautiful snowy owl that was guarding the living room. He/she (I don't know much about such distinctions) had much to tell us about Katharine, who lived in the house part of the time while we were gone. She really admired our friends while she was here.

Well, Honey Bunny, that is about enough news for one time. Save some for future postings.

OK, Brown Bear. You said it.

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