Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

"We've been DYING to communicate with you again, but 'Mom' was too busy--or so she said!"
"You're always so dramatic, Honey Bunny. You know 'Mom' was busy connecting with some long-lost relatives."
"Just WHAT are her priorities, that's what I want to know? I mean, really--what can be more impor
tant than satisfying the needs of our demanding public?"
"You're the only one who's demanding, Honey Bunny."

"Watch it, Brown Bear--"
"If you don't stop complaining, I'll stop doing this automatic writing and then you'll be silenced for good."
"Oh. Sorry. I just got carried away..."
"That's better.I know you wanted to wish all your new friends a happy holiday season."

"Yes indeed. As Winter Solstice nears, I know it's long past the proper time for me to hibernate. But with global warming, it's getting harder and harder to get in the proper metabolic mood."
"I HATE it when you get all political on me, Brown Bear! Let's talk about happier things, like Christmas cookies. You love them, don't you?"

"Especially the lebkuchen. How I love honey!"
"I'm looking forward to the carrot cake. Hey, I've got an idea! Maybe 'Mom' could post our favorite recipes? Whadayathink?"
"I'm sorry to tell you that all the favorite family recipes, including the pistachio-cardamom-honey nut brittle, are in storage in preparation for our move to Spain."
"Oh 'Mom'--but can't you find something to post?"
"Well, if there's a request on the blog, I might find one or two recipes...."
"Meantime, let's tell everyone about what we're wearing in the photo."
"Okay. You're wearing your beautiful fairy dress--you're pretending to be one of the
sugarplum fairies in the Nutcracker Suite."
"Nutcracker Sweet, you mean?"
"Whatever. And Brown Bear is wearing his favorite 'I Love Hugs' sweater and a Santa cap."
"Does this mean Brown Bear will bring me gifts? Lots of gifts?"
"Oh Honey Bunny, you're such a material girl!"
"Of course I am--and proud of it."
"Don't you know you can't take it with you?"
"Of course I know--that's why I want it all now!

(Brown Bear and 'Mom' exchange looks and sighs. HB is oblivious.)

"Well, I think that's enough for now. the biggest gift I can imagine is for everyone to get along in peace--starting with the two of you! Blessings in this season of soon-to-be-returning light."

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