Tuesday, December 16, 2008


"Hi! I'm Honey Bunny--"
"And I'm Brown Bear."
"We're SO excited to have our own blog. Finally 'Mom' got around to it."
"You mean 'Dad.' He's the techie in the family."
"Oh, you're such a stickler!"
"Anyway, as I was saying."
"Maybe we should let 'Mom' tell some of the story."
"You think?"
"I do."
"Okay..... Mom?"
"Okay, guys. So here's the story. We 'adopted' Honey Bunny in May 2002. We were in Brittany, in a little town, and I went into a toy store with our friend, Ali, who was traveling with us. Ali wanted to buy some stuffed animals--"

"Oops. I mean 'fuzzy kids.' Is that better?"
"We'll think about it."
"So anyway, in this toy store, Honey Bunny practically jumped off the wall at me. She had on a light beige sweater. I was surprised, since I hadn't had a 'fuzzy kid' since I was a little girl. The puzzle was soon solved: Honey Bunny was part of an 'early warning' message that I had uterine cancer (long story short, I'd named my uterus 'Bunny" the year before when I had started to have abnormal cell growth, but I thought it had gone back to normal and forgot all about 'Bunny.' But the abnormal cell growth wasn't normal. In fact, it had turned cancerous. I had successful cancer surgery a month later.) Three months later, Honey Bunny went with us on our pilgrimage of gratitude on the French Way of Saint James, a 500-mile walking trail from Le Puy en Velay to the Pyrenees. We walked 120 miles from Le Puy to Conques in October 2002, and Honey Bunny met lots of pilgrims. She became quite the mascot."
"Oh I did indeed--everybody loved me!"
"More on that later. This is getting too long."

"And what about me?"
"We went back in May 2003 to continue walking the route. Honey Bunny came along, without her sweater this time, since it was summertime. We met a delightful German couple and walked with them for a week. Dori fell in love with HB and carried her in her fanny pack. When we stopped walking, Dori didn't want to let HB go. We promised we'd try to find her another Honey Bunny, but there wasn't another bunny fuzzy kid."
"Of course not. I'm unique."
"Indeed. We did, however, find two brown bear fuzzy kids. We kept one--Brown Bear--and sent the other one to Dori. When we got Brown Bear and Honey Bunny home, we realized they had matching sweaters--so they really were a matching pair! Not quite brother and sister, since they are different species--so maybe kissing cousins. ... What do you think--is that enough for now?"
"Oh no! You have to tell our public about the traumatic experience of finding out we're not alive."
"That was a most sobering event indeed."
"Well, it was during a conversation with Honey Bunny, when I inadvertantly let slip that she wasn't alive."
"It was TERRIBLE! I thought I would DIE!"
"At first, but then you realized that being 'real' but not 'alive' has a number of advantages. For one, you never go hungry. And for another, you don't ever die."
"Oh yes--now I realize that it is much better to be real but not alive, isn't it? I mean, we never get old, right, Brown Bear?"
"Right. We might get a little threadbear (get it? Threadbear?) but we won't ever die."
"I think that's enough for now. More later."
"Oh 'Mom'!"
"Enough! You don't want to bore your public. Keep them wanting more."
"Okay. Au revoir! (After all, remember--I'm French!)"
"A bientot! After all, I'm French too."


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Honey Bunny and Brown Bear! I'm sure you will have many avid readers here.

  2. dear brown bear and honey bunny,

    allow me to into myself. i am woodcha woodcha, a flying, flop eared, yiddish wolfhound. my name stands for would you hug me, would you kiss me, would you love me, would you, would you. perhaps more about my breed another time. i am, as you can tell, very loving. we can never love or be loved by too many people, i say.

    i have been told that my "person" had the delightful experience of becoming acquainted with one brown bear on the camino. i understand that they spent considerable time together. even doing some snuggling. i want to make it clear that i am not jealous of their time together, i love sharing my amazing person with others. she and i have been together for 30 years, give or take, so that we have established a deep bond and fine trust. what i was sad about was that she left me, again. she does it often to travel on her own. (not a complaint you understand...just stating a fact). to take this amazing pilgrimage without me, so i am happy there was another fuzzy being to keep her company. and i was left very nicely among pillows for comfort in the sunshine of a window which helped me count the days until her magical return. and i had the occasional visitor, two legged indoors and some four legged or winged on the other side of the window, all of which i thoroughly enjoyed.

    i also enjoyed reading (and i am not necessarily easily satisfied.. i require a certain degree of integrity, humor and curiosity) your blog, my new friends, and i hope we continue to get to know each other and share experiences both new and past, because i can tell you are both tres (heard you were french) interesting. and i know my person enjoyed her time with you, brown bear, and your person and my person is very discerning,

    she has even read me some excerpts from some of your person's books which i found to be enlightening and stimulating, as well as, entertaining. I hope to hear some more. do you have any favorites?

    i wish you happy holidaze and pretty lights (i do enjoy my lights) for whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year. we celebrate just about everything here one way or another with is educational and life enhancing. and since i don't get out as much as you two do (maybe i can use you as an example and find a way to participate more in life on the other side of the window.....hmmmmm). i can learn from you. never enuf learning, i say. role models are good things, no?