Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Friends

Here are two new 
friends for HB and BB. Anna West tells us all about them:

     "I have two animate equivalents of HB and BB - they are my cats, Ed (short for Oedipuss) and Josie. They keep us entertained all the time. They sleep a lot but this is so that they can entertain us royally when they aren't sleeping. They are watch cats too. So if someone came in who shouldn't we would know because they would both run like hell and hide. If they stick around with tails waving in the air, all is well. I forgot, my fuzzy kids have to use a box. So there's a smelly aspect to living with them. They like to play fisticups too -- they stand up like the keystone cops and duke it out, albeit it briefly. When the term "the fur is flying" is used, this is definitely often the case with them. Mostly it is Ed's fur because his fur is longer."

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