Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Email!

"We've got such exciting news! We just received our first email--"
"Quit hogging the show!"
"Hogging the show? I'm not a pig, I'm a bear!"
"Precisely. Now, as I was saying--"
"Okay kids, that's enough. Take turns. Brown Bear, you first."
"We just got our first email. From Lynn and Lambiekins! Our friends from our Irish pilgrimage journey last year, led by Mara Freeman ("
"And Lambiekins has a new pink angora sweater. 'Mom,' I want a pink angora sweater for Christmas!"
"And I want calling cards. That will make it easier for people to get in touch with us. Like our friends from dinner last night. You had to write down our email on a piece of paper. They might lose it."
"Don't interrupt. I want a pink angora sweater. It'll look so nice with my earclips, don't you think?"
"Is that all you think about? How pretty you look?"
"What else is there to think about?"
"Now Honey Bunny, I thought you'd gotten over that stage."
"Vanity, vanity..."
"Give me a break. After all, it's Christmas!"
"Enough! I think it would be very nice to invite Lynn and Lambiekins to post a photo of themselves on our blog. What do you think?"
"Grrrrrrreat idea!"
"You kids also had a note from Camino Lynn and woodcha woodcha. Apparently they posted something on the blog, but it hasn't shown up yet. Maybe we need to give better instructions. People need to click on "comment" at the bottom of the posting, and then a screen will come up that they can write on, and they then click to post
heir comment. If they don't click, the comment returns to the void. To make a post (as opposed to a comment), The blogmaster/mistress (Gary or I) has to send you an invitation email that you respond to. So it depends on what you want to do--make a comment or actually add a blogpost."
"It's too complicated for my bear brain."
"Me too.I think I'm getting a headache."
"Now Honey Bunny, you can't have a headache--"
"I can too! How do you know? are you a fuzzy kid? I'm real, remember, even if I'm not alive!"
"She's right, you know. She's a real headache."
"I think you kids have had too much excitement and too much sugar. Time for a 'time out.'"

On that note....

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