Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're in Atlanta--

"Well, here we are in Antalanta--"
"You mean Atlanta."
"Isn't that a lost civilization?"
"I guess it got found, right here in Georgia."
"Isn't that in Russia?"
"You sure know your geography, Honey Bunny."
"I get around. As I was saying. 'Dad' is SUCH a tekkie--he took our photo and photoshopped it cause 'Mom' couldn't remember how to turn on the fill-flash function..."
"Yes, here we are. Waiting for the next leg from Atlanta to Madrid."
"You sure we're not on a lost continent?"
"I'm pretty sure...."
"I don't know where we are--all I know is I've never been so squished in all my life. Sharing a daypack with Brown Bear is no picnic."
"At least I don't snore."
"Now kids, this is no way to start a long walkabout."
"A what?"
"We're on a walkabout. All we know is where we start. Where we end up is anyone's guess."
"You mean we're lost already?"
"Not all who wander are lost."
"Who said that?"
"Bilbo Baggins, I think. Or maybe Frodo. It's from The Lord of the Rings."
"Oh Brown Bear, you're so--so--so airuudite."
"Thanks, I think."
"Ahem. Don't you want to say something to the folks who've taken time to comment on your blog?"
"Oh yes--thanks so much, Ginn----hope you've reached Los Angeles safely! Happy Holidays to all our admirers!"
"And thanks for the hug, woodcha. Hugs are always good. My favorite sweater says, 'I Love Hugs.' Do you have any sweaters?"
"Or angora shrugs?"
"Not to change the topic, but I will. 'Mom' says it's time to go get something to eat, so goodbye for now."


  1. Have fun on your walkabout! And make sure to eat lots of good food! :)

  2. We'll have fun on the walkabout,but will have to leave the food for our parents. Oh, the difficulties of being a fuzzy kid!

    Now, HB, there are also advantages, remember.

  3. hb and bb,

    new clothing, adventure...lucky fuzzies, i say.

    you asked if i had a sweater! maybe i better have a heart to heart with my person. cause i go around naked as a jay bird (whatever that is). always thought my fuzzy layer was protection against all the elements i ever run into. considering i never get outside, that seemed just enuf. i am learning so much from you two. i might become difficult to live with...uh oh, that might just be problematic. after 30 years of being compliant there might just be a revolution brewing. i know you two are bizzy, but maybe while stuffed in a daypack so close together, perhaps you could discuss my situation and advise????

    happy trials,

    woodcha (still home on the pillows at my window seat)

  4. Dear Woodcha--
    take it from me, our caretakers can be pretty dense! You've got to be forceful and determined--it's simply UNFORGIVABLE that you don't have wardrobe--I mean, would Lynn go around nekked? Of course not. Be reasonable and polite, but if that fails, throw a tantrum!
    Good luck--your partner in wardrobe--
    Princess Honey Bunny

  5. We had a wonderful time in the LA area (helped construct the Organ Donor Family float, attended the delightful parade and enjoyed family!). We are safely home and there is still snow on the ground and more piling up - you guys got out at a good time! We are having a snow day and there is more in the forecast for tomorrow!

    I hope you (all) are enjoying your adventures in your new digs! Happy New Year!

    In Snowy Santa Fe