Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the Road Again!

"Oh my oh my, it's hard to keep up with our 'folks.' They just informed us that we're going to Spain on Saturday."
"Oh my--what will I wear?"
"It is a bit disconcerting how they just change plans--'turn on a dime,' so to speak. And I was just getting settled in for a long winter, looking forward to sitting in front of a crackling fire, eating lebchuken..."
"WHAT WILL I WEAR? Should I take my poncho? My sweaters? My scarves? How cold will it be? MOM!"
"I know this is kind of sudden. We were planning to finalize our Spanish retirement visas sometime in February, but yesterday I called the consulate in Houston and Elisabeth told me we needed to go NOW. I emailed two of our friends in Spain about when was the best time, given the holidays, and when I got up at 3 am (I couldn't sleep), I had replies from both of them that sooner was better than later. So Gary and I went online to Delta.com and, miracle of miracles, found frequent-flier-mile tickets for this Saturday. We're scheduled to return in mid February, but hopefully we'll be back sooner--it all depends on the Spanish bureaucracy and how soon we get our Spanish ID cards."
"Who cares about all that--I want to know what to WEAR!"
"We're going to be traveling light, so you'll have to make some hard choices. One outfit. Each of you."
"That's cruel! I'm gonna report you to the SPCFK--"
"The what?"
"The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Fuzzy Kids."
"Perhaps you'd prefer to stay home?"
"Home Alone?"
"That's a movie, you know...."
"Exactly! A terrifying tale. No, I'll go, but under protest."
"You might have fun. Who knows. We plan to spend time in Spain taking care of business, and then go to Malta. It's off-season and 1/2 price, and I've always wanted to go there. And we'll spend time in the Barcelona area as well, going to Girona, where I spent a few days last September. Wonderful city."
"Sounds like an adventure. I like adventures."
"Exactly. You've got a great attitude, Brown Bear."
"What about our adoring public?"
"We'll have the computer with us so I can keep posting your adventures online."
"Well, in that case...."
"I knew you'd see reason."
"Au revoir, my public! I guess you'll just have to wait for the next installment."
"Life is never dull here."
"Gary tells me, 'It's a great life if you don't weaken.' He's right. All this excitement keeps you young."
"Hi--This is Gary--or maybe it makes you old prematurely! I'll let you know later which it is."


  1. HH and BB - You know there are stores and shops in Spain - you can have fun finding some trendy Spanish clothing. If you travel light, there's room in your bag for something new! 8-)


  2. OH! Good idea!! I won't tell Mom and Dad about this until we are in Spain. Then I'll select some things I can't live without!

    Oh, Honey Bunny, you are so devious!

  3. Note from Gary: I'm beginning to think that this excitement is making me older rather than younger.