Friday, December 26, 2008

Hasta la vista!

"Well, here we are, ready to go!"
"'Mom' wouldn't let us take our bed and the blanket Kaatja knit for us. Bummer."
"Now Princess, there just isn't enough room. They're trying to travel light, you know."

"Light, shmite. We don't get our bed! How will we sleep?"

"It'll be okay, Princess. You always get nervous before we travel."
"You're right. I worry that we'll get left behind somewhere, or that we'll get arrested for traveling without valid passports, or...."
"Think positive. We're going to have an adventure! And remember, you'll get to buy new clothes."
"Oh that's right! 'Mom" promised me a flamenco dress!"
"Feeling better?"

"You bet. Arevaderchee, friends!"
"Is that supposed to be Italian? I thought you were French."
"I am French--and I'm multi-lingual. I just can't spell very well."
"Hasta la vista, friends---wish us a safe trip. We'll keep in touch."


  1. "Bunn-voyage"...have a wonderful adventure and tell us all about it! 8-)

    HB - just in case no one reminded you - you and BB will be in Spain during the Three Kings Day events! Lucky you!

    Catching Up After a Lovely, Lazy Holiday

  2. hb and bb

    we just begin to get acquainted and off you go. that's good omen, i say, cause the best folks travel dontcha know? i'll be looking forward to your updates and stories and adventures.

    bon voyage
    hasta la vista

    and hugs too (hope you dont think i'm too forward, but hugs are the best)